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Let’s build software that can be depended on, software that is resilient and reliable while rapid to deploy and with a reduced attack surface.

Keeping Watch With Gauntlt for Rugged in Practice

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In a recent conversation with @brandonprry we asked him how they are using gauntlt at his company.

@gauntlt: What does your company do and what is your role there?

@brandonprry: We are game development shop and I am an Application Security Engineer which means I do security penetration testing of our applications and backend services. Our games talk to a lot of backend web services and web applications.

@gauntlt: How do you use gauntlt?

Vote for Our Talk at SXSW

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We are trying to get rugged into the coversation at SXSW Interactive and we need your help to do so! Would you please take a moment and vote for our talk on Rugged Driven Dev? It would mean a lot to us.